About The Rookie Investor

TL;DR: I am a professional analyst who has been trading since 2011. My goal is to retire by 2030, and my strategy is to think like an owner more than a trader. I invest in long-term industry trends through quality companies with positive insider signals.

Hello! I studied Business Administration and then founded my own small business at the age of 24. I joined one of the Big Techs 4 years later to help businesses with their digital marketing strategies. Today I am 37 years old, working as an Industry Analyst in that same Big Tech, which means I research industries' macro trends, and developed a passion for them. I use what I learned in tech to automate part of the analysis I do at scale, from fundamentals scoring to insider tracking.

I invite you to read about my investment objectives here.

My investment strategy is based on building a watchlist of quality companies, both from a growth & value perspective, and prioritizing my investments based on insider signals, valuation, and fundamentals. I have automated part of that process to be able to analyze more stocks.

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I am part of eToro´s Popular Investor Program and have been investing on the platform since 2011. If you want to see my live portfolio, see my stats, or even copy my trades, you will need an account with eToro, which is the broker I use. If you have an account, you can look for me by my username "Nrikike".